2014 School Employee Evaluation Survey is Now Open

This year’s School Employee Evaluation Survey is now open. The data collection is mandated by federal and state reporting requirements and will close November 3rd. The survey collects evaluation data for teachers, principals, superintendents, classified staff, and certificated non-classroom teachers for the 2013-14 school year. Districts must assign an EDS role of SEES User for district personnel to have access to the application.

For more information, please refer to OSPI bulletin 041-14. Frequently asked questions and help can be found at http://tpep-wa.org/sees-help/. Please email tpep@k12.wa.us with questions about the survey.

Capturing Video Prompts Reflection

Sarah Brown Wessling, a high school teacher says, “Do you cringe watching yourself on video? Is that really what I sound like?! Herein lies the power and necessity of learning from a video. Without this kind of record, teachers run the risk of only knowing what our classroom is like ‘in our own heads.’ With it we start to understand what our students experience.”

As the summer winds down, think about how you can make use of a video camera in your classroom and how you are preparing to ‘hear your own voice.’ See her hints at: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/improve-teaching-with-video/?utm_source=newsletter20140809.

Summer 2014 TPEP Update

OSPI recently published a bulletin 041 -14 with an update on TPEP including info on Evaluation data, eVAL, Teacher Training Funding, and requesting minor modifications. You can read the bulletin under the ‘Resources’ section.

We have also provided a 2014 TPEP Update Presentation for districts to modify to meet their individual needs. This is also available under the ‘Resources’ section. Scroll down to Presentations.

Implementation Stories

Curious about what other districts did for TPEP implementation and how it went? OSPI partnered with the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession to interview a couple districts about their process. Watch the videos here.

New and Updated ‘Capturing the Learning Point’ documents


New “Capturing the Learning Point” documents have been added!

These are tools and best practices for implementing Washington’s new teacher and principal evaluation system. These ideas have been drawn from interviews with district leaders, principals, and teachers who have participated in the pilot project. The hope is that the lessons learned from their experiences will address concerns and lead districts toward greater success.

Find the both the new and revised documents here.

2014 State of the State Educator Survey Report Released

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) released their findings from an early 2014 survey that went out to teachers, principals, superintendents, and school directors across the state. The results from the over 7,000 respondents touches on topics of understanding such as communication, support needs, and results of the evaluation systems as well as requirements of the new Common Core. Read the report titled “Washington’s 2014 State of the State Educator Survey Report: Summary of Key Findings” or view all of our available reports, studies, presentations, and surveys.

2012-13 School Employee Evaluation Data

Data collected from the 2012-13 SY School Employee Evaluation Survey is now available. Visit our Reports, Studies, Presentations, and Surveys page for more information. (Scroll to the bottom of the page under the ‘Data’ section).

Student Growth Case Stories

Student Grown Case Studies

The Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, in partnership with OSPI convened a group of National Board Certified Teachers to discuss how these teachers are using student growth in their classroom. Read about how student growth is impacting their teaching here.

2014 – 2015 Teacher Training Funds

The 2014 Legislature appropriated $5 million ” solely for the provision of training for teachers in the performance-based teacher principal evaluation program” during the 2014-2015 school year.

Districts will be allowed to apply for funding via the iGrants system beginning August 1st.

More information is available here. A list of maximum allocations per district can be found here.

OSPI will not review a district’s 2014-2015 application until all necessary supplemental documentation has been received for the district’s 2013-2014 claims. 2013-14 supplemental documentation should be emailed to 664claims@k12.wa.us.

Questions? Email tpep@k12.wa.us.

Pre and Post Observation Video Examples

Pre and Post Observation Video Examples

ICFFS’s from each of the three frameworks have put together video samples of both pre and post observation conversations.