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eVAL is a web-based tool designed to manage the evaluation process and documentation. Developed in partnership with the Washington Education Association, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Educational Service District 113, eVAL is:

  • a free resource created with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
  • personalized for each district for their instructional framework, resources, and documents;
  • available and voluntary for all Washington K-12 public school districts, who can use as many or as few of eVAL’s features as they’d like (or none at all); and
  • extremely secure with limited access physically and virtually to its servers.

We’re very excited about eVAL and the role it plays in the new evaluation system. The system is hosted in a state of the art network operations center, located in a former nuclear power facility. The site is physically secured, monitored 24 hours a day, and backed up continuously.

OSPI, the WEA, and ESD 113 continue to support development of eVAL. Among the many improvements planned, you can expect to see increased partnerships for evidence gathering, and increased usability on mobile devices.


Can reports be designed to use paper more efficiently? Get the final summary report down to two pages?
Developers continue to improve reports; the main issue is how to handle page breaks. We are breaking currently for 5 different frameworks and use the tables under each criterion to determine when to break the page. The result is about 3 pages. Developers are working on an export feature. Users could export to MS Word and format the reports on their own.

Can you create an electronic signature option so that the summary document does not have to be printed and signed (many contracts require signatures)?
Likely not – developers have looked into electronic signature platforms the first year of eVAL, however the ongoing cost was the primary barrier.

Can you pull a report by building showing who is on a Comprehensive or Focused during the current year? Showing history over time? Prompting who needs a Comprehensive now because it’s been three years since they had one?
Developers can likely incorporate this should new funding be provided.

Can we get aggregated data from the self-assessment by building or by district?
This will be a feature in the near future. Currently there is an export feature and we will be adding new export capability shortly.

Is it possible to add a “save” button in Notes?
There is currently a save button in the notes editor. Developers are working to clean up the language of buttons (insert, add new response), and will replace most with save.

When will the 2014-15 year be active?
The 2014-15 year is active now. The district administrator needs to login, navigate to ‘setup’ on the setup sub-menu, and navigate to ‘select frameworks.’ When there, follow the directions to create a new evaluation year. They can determine when the default year (in the drop-down) changes at any time.

Can users print blank forms?
This is currently not an option.

I would like to connect an artifact to the observation by criterion and element. Is this possible?
You can currently connect artifacts to observations. Developers are exploring an ‘app’ that will allow for artifact loading at the criterion and element levels. To implement the app we will be revising the rubric displays in eVAL to allow the same options. This is anticipated to occur during our next potential funding cycle.

Is it possible to create a report that shows all the evidence, observation notes and artifacts connected to any one criterion?
This is an option now for everything except artifacts. In the reports menu, select final score report then select the desired teacher (or principal). Expand the print/save panel by clicking on the grey bar. Select what to include in the final report display. All selected items are bundled by criterion.

When will districts have the option to customize final reports?
This will likely occur during our next potential funding cycle.

Can eVAL total up the minutes spent in observation over the year?
eVAL currently totals observations over the year, however each observation must be marked as complete. The running total of completed observations is displayed in the dashboard.

While working on an observation, I would like to have the option to send email to a teacher instead of leaving the application. Not everyone looks at eVAL every day so my question or comment could sit quite a while without the teacher knowing it exists. Is this an option?
You can set notifications of events and ask teachers to do the same; the system will send email based on user receipt preferences. To manage this feature, navigate to the message center (envelope icon at top of screen), and expand the settings panel by clicking on the grey bar. Every type of message eVAL can send is presented. Users can select from ‘none’ (default), to individual (every time the event happens), nightly (digest of daily events), or weekly (digest of events weekly).

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